How do I access Pinnacle to view my child's grades?


The ability to monitor your child’s grades, attendance and any assignment information can now be securely viewed from your Internet browser at home or work. We are providing this access through our Pinnacle Internet Viewer (PIV) feature. This secured access requires an Internet connection and a user name and password.



  1. Load your favorite Internet Browser; for example, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.
  2. In the address bar navigate to our school website at http://www.bryantschools.org
  3. Under “Quick Links” click on “View Your Child's Grades”.
  4. Enter your student’s school provided student ID in the User name field and your student’s six digit birth date in the Password field. Then choose the school that your child attends in the School drop-down box. (Please see considerations below for further explanation)
  5. If you experience difficulty or have any questions about this service, please contact your student’s teacher or school.


  • The login ID has been set to your student’s school provided identification number. This number typically begins with a nine and is nine digits in length.
  • The password is set to your student’s birth date and has been set in a six digit format. If your student was born April 13th, 1980 the passwordwould be 041380.
  • Please allow teachers turn around time to enter grades.
  • This is a privilege for parents to monitor their child’s progress. Any misuse or abuse of this account will result in denial of access.
  • If questions arise, please visit with your child, teacher, counselor, or principal.
How do I find assigned work before it is due on Pinnacle?

Future assignments are entered by your child's teacher in Pinnacle in the same manner as graded assignments, however, no grades will appear in the Pinnacle Internet Viewer for that assignment.  If no assigned, but ungraded work is appearing urge your child's teacher to post this information in Pinnacle.


Where do I find the email addresses of teachers?

BHS, BMS, and BeMS ...

Go to the Faculty page under the About link on the top menu bar

All Elementary Schools..

Go to the Directory link on the top menu bar

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  • Recovery.org
  • recovery.arkansas.gov
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