After a very challenging yet successful start to the school year, we are all looking forward to Thanksgiving Break. With COVID-19 still a real threat, we need to remain diligent in reporting positive cases to our district Point of Contact (POC), even when school is closed.

Our POC will be available limited times next week to take calls. It is still very important to report positive cases, and notify close contacts so they do not spread COVID during the holiday. The POC phone line (501-414-6647) will be closed Wednesday-Saturday, November 25-28. Hours are available at

The phone line will reopen on Sunday, November 29, at 2 pm for those who have had a positive COVID-19 test or have been designated as a close contact over the break. These individuals will not be able to attend school until their isolation or quarantine period is over.

We continue to rely on cooperation from families in reporting positive cases and identifying close contacts. The better we are with our prevention strategies, the longer we will be able to keep schools open and have students attend school in-person.

The Arkansas Center for Health Improvement (ACHI) strongly encourages families to forgo large family gatherings and to celebrate with household members, joining extended family by telephone, video, or other electronic means. Additional details are available at

Our Hornets and their families are important to us as we support health and safety precautions both within and outside of school. We wish you a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!