English for Speakers of Other Languages

Our Mission

The mission of the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Program in Bryant Public Schools is to foster the linguistic and academic development as well as the personal and social growth of the English language learners in our learning community. 

Program Goals

  • Goal #1 – Program Implementation – The BPSD ESOL Program will comply with federal guidelines through the program implementation practices (such as identification, assessment, staffing, etc)

  • Goal #2 – Progress in English language development – ELLs will show growth in all four domains of the English language (listening, speaking, reading and writing) to attain English proficiency.

  • Goal #3 -Progress in academic content – ELLs will show growth to attain parity of participation in the standard instructional program, comparable to their never EL- peers, within a reasonable amount of time.  

ESOL Staff

Dawn Shinn

Dawn Shinn



Instructional Facilitators

Vicki Hale - BHS

Amy Gramlich - BJHS and BMS

Kelsey Maitland - BJHS

Lavon Cyr - BEMS

Tiffany Watkins - PES and SPES

Andrea Willis - SES and CES

Heather Welch - HFES and HCES

Victoria Rose Blair - BES and DES

Bilingual Paraprofessionals

Carolyn West - PES

Kelly Goines - PES and SPES

Wendy Garcia - HFES

Yara Cazares - BHS

District Translator - Beth Jaime