Helpful Tips

10 Ways to Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem

  1. Hug, kiss, and say, “I love you” to your child every day.

  2. Give your child specific praise often. For example, instead of “good job” or “you’re great”, say “I love it when you pick up toys without me asking.”

  3. Try to turn around negative thoughts your child has about him/herself. Teach positive self-talk, such as “I like who I am” and “I can do it!”

  4. Talk with your child every day, and really listen. Show respect for his/her ideas and opinions.

  5. Avoid put-downs, even as jokes. Kids take them seriously.

  6. Assign your child chores and let him/her help you with tasks. Acknowledge your child’s hard work.

  7. Encourage independence and problem solving. Allow your child to make choices, find solutions, and learn to accept consequences.

  8. Teach your child to set goals. Pick a specific goal that’s realistic but will take effort. Then track and celebrate progress!

  9. Don’t compare your children. “Your older brother was able to do this faster,” only discourages a child and causes resentment.

  10. Encourage success, but assure your child that you love him/her unconditionally.