Arkansas law requires students entering kindergarten through 12th grade to provide proof of all required immunizations, or proof of an application for a valid exemption from immunizations, in order to attend school.

Please review the list of required immunizations. If your student is in need of follow-up vaccinations or age-appropriate immunizations, contact your primary care physician or the Saline County Health Department (501-303-5650) for an appointment as soon as possible. The Hornet Health Center, located next to Bryant Elementary, also provides immunizations. Call 653-5040 for more information. 

Students meeting the age or grade level criteria are required to have additional immunizations. Proof of in-process immunization or application for exemption must be provided within 30 days after the child’s original admission day or by October 1 for Tdap and Meningococcal at age 11 and 16 years. If proof is not provided, students may be excluded from school until documentation is provided.

All records, including exemption letters, should be submitted to the school nurse’s office by the first day of school.

ADE Rules Governing K-12 Grade Immunizations Requirements in Arkansas Public Schools