Parent Center

Welcome to The Parent Center! You are your child’s first and best teacher and we support you in your efforts to help your child receive a quality education. The Parent Center provides parents and guardians with resources, information, and guidance to help you prepare your child to succeed in school from the early years through high school.

The Parent Center is open to families and students of Bryant Public Schools. It is designed to be a welcoming, safe place to find support, information, and advice. We’re all about bringing home, school, and community closer together to strengthen student learning and development. 

Think of us as a resource center, available to give you information and materials to help your children learn. Educational resources include: home activities, parent library with books, computer cd’s, media center, and parent access to computers and internet.

We also help connect you to the many services offered by community organizations. We encourage you to share family needs which may be affecting your child’s education. No matter what issues may be going on with your family, we are here to help.

Bryant School District recognizes that a child’s education is a responsibility shared by the school and family. Engaging parents is essential to improving student achievement. To help parents with educating their children, Bryant School District offers services at the Parent Center. The center will have educational and informational resources plus materials to help parents provide enrichment or instructional support at home. The Parent Center is available to parents of students attending Bryant School District.


Beth Jaime, Parent Center Coordinator & District Translator
Lisa McNeely, District Social Worker