Bryant Named Purple Star District

Bryant Public Schools has been designated a Purple Star School District by the Arkansas Council for Military Children for its commitment to supporting and serving military children and their families. 

Approximately 400 military children are enrolled in the Bryant School District. We appreciate the sacrifices our military families make each and every day. We are committed to serving students of our military heroes and supporting them both emotionally and academically.

The district has a dedicated Military Education Coordinator, Beth Jaime, who provides any necessary support for our military families. Ms. Jamie may be reached at 501- 847-5642 (Ext 4037).

All schools in the district have been named Arkansas Purple Star Schools. Each has a point of contact for our military families. If you are a military family and need assistance, please feel free to contact Ms. Jaime or any of our school military liaisons.

  • Susan Wright - BES 

  • Jessica Ferguson - CES

  • Nathan Watkins - DES

  • Samantha Herbner - HFES

  • Kelli Dockery - HCES

  • Leah Montoya - PES

  • Bobbi Dettmer - SES

  • Tara Efird - SPES

  • Donaven Sims - BEMS

  • Jessica Langley - BMS

  • Jennifer Blankenship - BJHS

  • Brenda Rodgers & Amy Oury - BHS

The Bryant School Board adopted a resolution of support for our military children and families:

A RESOLUTION IN SUPPORT OF MILITARY FAMILIES WHEREAS, more than 9,000 Arkansans exhibit profound courage and selflessness by serving in the armed forces; and  WHEREAS, more than 3,500 military children attend public school in the State of Arkansas; and WHEREAS, approximately 300 military families live and work in the Bryant School District area; and  WHEREAS, over 400 military children attend school in the Bryant School District; and  WHEREAS, military children face unique challenges related to military transitions and parental deployment; and  WHEREAS, military children and their families serve as an essential source of support and encouragement for armed service members; and  WHEREAS, military children should be acknowledged for the sacrifices they make and celebrated for the courage they display as the children of our nation’s armed service members;  WHEREAS, the Bryant School is committed to meeting the unique needs of all students, especially those of military youth.  NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Bryant School District Board of Education recognizes and salutes military children and expresses its support for military children and families.  BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Bryant School District will make every effort to connect military families with the resources they need.  PASSED ON THIS 14th DAY OF DECEMBER, 2023