Classified Employee of the Year 2019-20

Classified employees provide tremendous support to our teachers, students, and parents. These team members contribute each and every day to the success of Bryant Public Schools. The Classified Employee of the Year Awards provide an opportunity to recognize the outstanding service provided by these valuable employees.

Awards are provided to individuals in each of the district departments. These individuals are then eligible for the overall Classified Employee of the Year Award.

Carly Covert, Classified Employee of the Year

Also named Paraprofessional of the Year, Carly Covert was awarded the distinction of Classified Employee of the Year. Mrs. Covert was honored for creating a unique learning environment for Collegeville students in the STEM Lab. 

Mrs. Covert has a heart for nurturing children. She not only provides the best learning environment possible, but also one where students feel safe and welcome.

She works hard building relationships with students on her bus, where she knows each and every one by name. She models the district’s commitment to Capturing Kids Hearts on her bus and in her classroom.

Mrs. Covert has gone above and beyond to create a STEM Lab for Collegeville students. From securing grants to devoting countless extra hours preparing lessons and projects, she provides opportunities for students to not only learn about, but love, science, technology, engineering and math. By teaching critical thinking skills and collaboration through STEM tasks, she helps our students find success.

She sacrificed time and money to create an experience that touches each and every student at CES. The classroom she designed will serve as a model for future STEM Labs across our district.

Ms. Covert serves as a great example of our mission, Creating Opportunities for Success. For these reasons, she is our Classified Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Mrs. Covert and the seven department Employees of the Year!

Paige Singleton, Clerical Employee of the Year

Paige Singleton is a secretary at Bryant Elementary. Mrs. Singleton constantly helps others and serves as a great resource for other administrative personnel in the district. She is known for her welcoming spirit.

Becky Browder, Technology Employee of the Year

Mrs. Browder is the Windows Server Administrator for the district. She is a true problem solver who anticipates and meets the needs of co-workers before they ask. She always follows through and goes out of her way to help others. 

Jeanne Hedden, Maintenance/Custodial Employee of the Year

Ms. Hedden is the first person students see at Bethel every day. She greets everyone with a warm smile and shows genuine concern for others. Jeanne does an exemplary job of keeping her school clean and orderly. Her positive attitude radiates in everything she does.

Robin Nelson, Food Service Employee of the Year

Robin Nelson is part of the Bryant High School Food Service team. Mrs. Nelson has a passion for helping Special Education students reach their full potential. She devotes herself to training and helping students find success through food service. 

Lisa McNeely, Student Services Employee of the Year

District Social Worker, Lisa McNeely, is a natural at caring for others. She is passionate about what she does and is always there for families in the district. She provides parents with resources so they can better help their kids. 

David Shepard, Transportation Employee of the Year

As head mechanic, David Shepard keeps our buses running. He shares his knowledge to co-workers, so they can help make sure buses are safe and mechanically sound. Mr. Shepard’s fun personality makes instant connections with students on his bus routes. 

Officer James Payne, Security Services Employee of the Year

James Payne has the distinction of being the very first Security Services Employee of the Year. Officer Payne works at Salem Elementary where he goes above and beyond keeping the campus safe to mentoring students and making them feel loved. The SES staff know he is always there for support and encouragement.