Quarantine Guidelines for Individuals with No Symptoms

CDC Updates Quarantine Guidelines for Individuals with No Symptoms

With the recently updated COVID-19 quarantine guidelines by the CDC and adoption of these guidelines by the Arkansas Department of Health, Bryant Schools will follow the recommendations which allow for a shorter quarantine period for students and staff.

  • If the exposed individual chooses to not be tested, quarantine may now end after 10 days without a coronavirus test and with no symptoms. 

  • The 7-day quarantine requires a negative PCR test (PCR test preferred, but rapid test acceptable). The test must be done no sooner than 5 days after contact with a positive person. 

(For example: The day of exposure is Day 0. If you were exposed on a Tuesday, it is considered Day 0. Wednesday would be Day 1. The earliest a COVID test could be taken to limit quarantine time would be on Sunday, Day 5.)

A copy of the test results must be emailed to the Point of Contact nurses at bryantpointofcontact@bryantschools.org or a copy may be provided to the front office of the school. 

Please see chart for additional information. 

Our hope is that a shorter quarantine period will help our students return to the classroom and families return to work sooner.  

As in the past, please contact the District Point of Contact staff with questions or to report that a student has received a positive test result or been exposed to a COVID positive person. You may email the Point of Contact staff at bryantpointofcontact@bryantschools.org or call 501-414-6647.