Gifted and Talented Referrals

Bryant’s Gifted and Talented Department serves students who are identified as Gifted and Talented (GT). Students are identified as GT through a case study, which looks to recognize an interaction of high or superior ability, creativity, and task commitment through a variety of assessments and data collected on each student.  

The Gifted and Talented Program strives to provide GT students with educational experiences that extend beyond the classroom curriculum and that build creative and critical thinking. 

Bryant Public Schools provide identified K-2 students with whole group enrichment. In 3rd-5th grade, GT identified students are served in a GT resource room through a pull out program. GT identified students in grades 6 and above are served in Pre-AP, AP, and Concurrent Credit classes. 

If you feel your child needs and qualifies for this program, you can access the referral several different ways:

Referrals should be submitted by Friday, February 26 to allow evaluations to be completed during the current school year and in place for Fall 2021.

For more information visit or contact Charlotte Calhoun, K-12 Gifted Programs Coordinator, at 501-653-5075 or