Centerpoint Energy Rebate

The Bryant School Board and Administration team are dedicated to making our district more energy efficient. In 2020, the HVAC system for Bryant Middle School was replaced and upgraded. Part of the project involved a collaboration with Lewis Architects, CenterPoint Energy and Middleton Heat & Air to take advantage of the energy efficiency rebate programs offered by CenterPoint Energy.  

As a result of those efforts, the Bryant School District received a rebate amount totaling $32,400 from CenterPoint Energy for the installation of fifty-four high-efficiency 95% natural gas furnaces.  In addition to the rebate incentives, BSD is expected to save 6,600 therms of natural gas annually, resulting in an estimated yearly cost savings of $4,290 and a life-time savings of $85,800. We are working hard to be both fiscally responsible and environmentally friendly. The rebate dollars will be used to update lighting and other energy saving projects.