Bryant Students Secure Top Spots

Rep. French Hill announced senior Sabian Murry from Bryant High School as the winner of the 2022 Congressional App Challenge for Arkansas’s Second Congressional District.

First Place:

Sabian Murry – Bryant High School – 12th Grade

Sabian’s app provides a list of the most common objectives that need to be completed as high school seniors progress through their senior year leading up to graduation and the fall semester of college. As different tasks are completed in her app, the user can checklist them and redirect them to the website to make any necessary edits or ensure its completion.

Second Place:

Lydia Payne and Kiya Britt – Bryant High School – 12th Grade

Lydia and Kiya’s app assists students in areas required to graduate such as specific math and sciences, and redirects users to websites for the content they need.

Representative Hill said, “I congratulate all who participated in this year’s Congressional App Challenge and thank everyone for their hard work. Every year, I am inspired by the creativity that the students of central Arkansas display and look forward to seeing what all participants accomplish in the future.”

These innovative Bryant High School seniors will no doubt make their mark in their chosen career fields. Congratulations! 

Brenda Qualls is the Computer Science teacher at BHS.