Updated Quarantine & Isolation Guidelines

The last week of December the CDC shortened recommended isolation and quarantine periods for the general public. Prior to returning from holiday break, districts received direction that the new CDC recommendations did not apply to schools at that time. We were asked to await guidance specific to schools from the Arkansas Departments of Health and Education.

Today, we received the updated guidance for schools based on the revised CDC guidelines. It is in alignment with the general population guidelines, but has some school-specific differences. Here is the link to the new guidelines: https://5il.co/13xpw.

This guidance will go into effect immediately and can be retroactive to current cases. Please contact the district Point of Contact with any questions. Email is the best method for contacting the POC: bryantpointofcontact@bryantschools.org.

Additional links provided by ADH and DESE:
Arkansas Department of Health Guidance
DESE Resources for Schools 
CDC Guidance