Reporting to Point of Contact

In an effort to prevent the spread of the COVID virus within our staff and student body, we are asking all Bryant parents/guardians to notify our District Point of Contact immediately when the following occurs:

  • Your student tests positive for COVID-19

  • Someone in your household tests positive for COVID-19

  • Your student has been identified as a Close Contact to someone outside of school who tested positive for COVID-19

The fastest way to inform the District Point of Contact is to complete one of the following forms. Complete a form for each individual.

Covid Positive Case | Covid Positive Case en español 

Covid Quarantine | Covid Quarantine en español

If completing one of the forms is not an option, the next best method is by email at The primary POC phone line (501-414-6647) has a limit to the number of voicemails which can be received. You have the option of sending a text message to 501-414-6647. If the voicemail is full on the primary phone, you may also call or text the secondary line at 501-414-6550.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Together, we help keep our Hornet family safe, healthy and learning ready!