Education Provides Opportunities

A class assignment has led a Bryant Middle School student to a fully paid internship after graduation.

Jordan Brown, BMS Robotics Coach, tasked her students to write about an item with special significance to them. Student Paige Polk chose to write about the new house her family recently built and purchased. Paige shares her home with her sister and their single mom, Felyxia Polk. As a first time home owner, the process was new to Ms. Polk, but she made certain to include both daughters so they, too, could learn how to build and buy a house. The team at Rausch Coleman Homes worked with the family to make their dream of home ownership a reality.

“My house is very special to me. I was there every day when it was being built and I was even there at closing. It gives me so much joy,” said Paige in her class presentation.

Surprised that Paige wrote about their home, Ms. Polk sent the story to their realtor, who then shared it with her team. A company representative, Andrew Nelson, asked to meet Paige. He brought swag gifts and offered her a unique opportunity—an internship with Rausch Coleman after she graduates from high school.

Mrs. Brown is proud of Paige and her story. “Paige’s story is heartfelt. She loves her family and that reflects in her writing. I am proud to be her teacher!”