Bus Safety Week

Designed to promote school bus safety, school districts throughout the country are observing School Bus Safety Week held during the third week in October each year.

Studies have proven that the most dangerous part of the school bus ride for children is when they get on and off the bus. Remember to pay close attention to school buses when you see them on streets/roads and teach children how to be safe when boarding and exiting the bus.

Getting kids to and from school safely and on schedule makes bus drivers, mechanics and other transportation personnel an integral part of Bryant schools and our community. Thank you to each of these individuals who contribute to education through their dedicated service.

Safety reminders for students: 

1. Never cross close to the front of the bus – make sure the driver can see you.

2. Never pick up anything you drop close to or under the bus – ask the driver what to do.

3. Never run after a bus or bang on the side.

4. If you must cross the street in front of the bus, follow the driver’s directions, and stop and look before you cross.

5. Never run across a street, it’s better to miss the bus than rush and risk being hit by a car.

6. Stay away from the rear and sides of the bus – always be in a safe place where the driver can see you.

Safety reminders for motorists:

1. Never pass a school bus when its stop lights are flashing.

2. Be extra vigilant around school hours – assume a child might run out at any moment.

3. Be courteous to school buses, give them room and let them change lanes when needed.